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Buckeye Chickens are among the most cold-hardy of all breeds. Many who raise them also report that they are exceptionally friendly birds. Buckeyes have a pea comb. 

Production: This breed is raised more often for meat than for egg production and has yellow skin. Hens do, however, lay a significant quantity of large, brown eggs - about 180-260 per year. Then hens may also be broody.

Temperament: Many people who raise Buckeyes say that they are so friendly and curious they will jump into humans’ arms, or stay  underfoot just to see what is going on. Roosters can sometimes be slightly aggressive. Buckeyes are also good foragers. 

History: Several factors make the Buckeye an unusual American breed. It is the only American breed with a pea comb, and it is also the only American breed that was developed solely by a woman.

In the 1880s, Nettie Metcalf lived in northern Ohio, and wanted chickens that would be able to thrive during the harsh winters there. She was also interested in having red chickens. At that time, Rhode Island Reds had not been adequately introduced in the mid-west, so Ms. Metcalf did not know of their existence when she began her project.

Using Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, and Game chickens, Ms. Metcalf developed the Buckeye Chicken, which is an extremely cold-hardy and active breed. 

Once she had the breed fully developed and was beginning to show it, she discovered the Rhode Island Reds and realized the similarities between the two breeds. She communicated with breeders of the RIR, and even went so far as to exchange stock with them. For a short time she even called her chickens Pea-combed Rhode Island Reds, but realized quickly people were more interested when she called them Buckeyes

                                                                       Buff Orpington Chickens                                     

The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the town of Orpington, Kent in south-east England, which was made famous in part by this breed. It was bred to be an excellent layer with good meat quality. Its large size and soft appearance together with its rich color and gentle contours make it very attractive, and as such its popularity has grown as a show bird rather than a utility breed. Hens often become broody and are good mothers. Although rather heavy, they are able to fly small distances but rarely do so.

We start filling the incubators in early spring and hatch all summer. We sell our chicks any where from a day to week old for $2.50 each or Ten or more for $2.00 each. The bigger they get the prices go up.

Sorry we don't ship or meet, Have to come to the farm and pick them up.